Fire damage cleaning

One of the demanded services in a cleaning company is fire damage cleaning.

Why do victims prefer to go to professionals?

The fact is that when eliminating the consequences of a fire, conventional means are not enough. On your own, you can remove the main damage, partially wash off the dirt and soot, but not completely eliminate the damage.

The arsenal of the cleaning company Cleanlines has all the equipment necessary for cleaning, as well as a whole arsenal of detergents.

Our professionals will effectively remove stubborn odours even from wall and floor coverings, from the ceiling, tiles and other surfaces. Special formulations are also available to get rid of the burning and soot that inevitably remains after the fire.

Thus, ordering cleaning from the cleaning company Cleanlines, you get a whole range of services.

  • Our experts will tell you whether it is worth throwing the furniture away, redoing the repairs, or just cleaning.
  • After returning to your apartment or office, you will not see the consequences of the fire – professionals will remove greasy and dry soot, as well as any traces of fire.
  • The room will be clean and fresh.

Cleaning the premises after the fire, carried out by professionals, in this case makes it possible to completely eliminate the traces of the fire. The use of special cleaning agents allows not only to remove soot and fumes, but also to completely eliminate the smell of fire, which, as you know, is absorbed into walls, floors, ceilings. Not only apartments need cleaning after a fire. Public premises and office buildings are often damaged by fire. Cleaning of premises after the fire should be carried out only by professionals, since the own team will not be able to do this process efficiently.
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