Graffiti removal

Removing graffiti from building facades is the core business of our company. Our professionals have extensive experience working with various surfaces and coatings, as well as with various types of paints used by vandals.

To remove graffiti, we use cleaning methods such as:

  • Vacuum blasting (for the most delicate surfaces);

  • Wet sandblasting blasting (for cleaning reinforced concrete, brick, etc.);

  • Cleaning surfaces with steam (cleaning surfaces with a complex structure);

  • High pressure cleaning (for cleaning graffiti from durable surfaces such as marble, granite, glass);

  • Cleaning using special chemicals from the German company Graffiti-Guard.
      Removing graffiti from surfaces is a complex process that requires specialists in chemistry, physics and materials science. Only with such a complex of knowledge it is possible to choose the most suitable way for a given surface to remove pollution and not damage the surface itself.

      Our professionals have received special training in the use of each technology..

      For efficient work we have the following types of equipment at our disposal:

      • Tornado ACS 35 kit

      • Kärcher high pressure washer with pressure up to 150 Bar.

      • Kärcher industrial steam generators

      • High pressure washer for sandblasting.

      • Mobile, fully autonomous, complex for cleaning building facades.

      • A wide range of chemical and biological (Eco) materials for removing contaminants.
        It is important to note that when performing work on the removal of contaminants, our Company takes a number of measures to ensure the environmental friendliness of the process. So, for example, when working with a high-pressure washer on facades, with the help of special pallets, all liquid with residues of contamination is collected in special tanks and then disposed of in specially designated places.
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