Facade cleaning

Over time, various pollutions accumulate on the facade of the building. Their appearance can be provoked by both precipitation and environmental impact in the form of settling of street soot, dust and other particles.
All this leads to the fact that the building loses its aesthetic appearance. In turn, an unkempt facade negatively affects the company's image and the loyalty of visitors. Moreover, untimely cleaning of the facade often leads to the destruction of facing materials and entails unscheduled cosmetic repairs.
To solve this problem and avoid serious financial costs, contact Cleanlines. We provide facade cleaning services in Latvia on favourable terms.
The pavement material was a natural porous sandstone finish tile.
The graffiti was applied with three different paints, each paint had differed chemical composition.
Accordingly it was necessary to find the right key for each color.
The graffiti was removed using both the chemical method of removal and
the vacuum method of cleaning with the Tornado ACS 35.
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