Paving stone cleaning

We clean paving stones and other surfaces using special high-pressure equipment from the British company SkyVac, using special detergents and high temperatures. This method allows us to clean the surface of any dirt.

Special equipment allows cleaning without spreading contaminants. This can be achieved through the use of a special nozzle with a protective cover.
DANSAND joint sand is a mixture of washed, dried and calibrated quarry sand and mineral additives with a high Ph (acidity) level.
The level of acidity of the mixture is 10.4, which is an environment in which the root system of vegetation can not develop.
Important!!! The mixture is not a means to destroy the existing vegetation, so before backfilling the joints it is necessary to completely remove the existing vegetation.
DANSAND® NO GROW™ provide beautiful, clean and durable paving stone joints on terraces, patios, garden paths and driveways with little traffic.
The product contains only sand saturated with minerals to create desert conditions by increasing pH levels to naturally suppress weeds.
When a new paving stone is laid, the mixture is poured to the full height of the stone, when working with previously laid paving stones, the depth of sprinkling should be not less than 4 cm.
The material is easy to use and effectively prevents the growth of weeds for up to 10 years, allowing paved areas, paved areas to keep an attractive appearance longer.
Dansand develops unique and valuable solutions based on silica sand from the subsoil of Central Jutland. Each year the company mines and produces 350,000 tons of purified silica sand in more than 20 different blends, as well as a wide range of special products. The products are actively used in construction, industry, sports facilities, playgrounds, the DIY market and in the environmental sector.
Customers in Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, England and the Netherlands have already appreciated the advantages of Dansand products, and from 2022 the high quality of Dansand is also available to customers in the Baltic States.

areas up to 100m2 - 2,20 euro/m2 + VAT
areas from 100m2 to 200m2 - 2,10 euro/m2 + VAT
areas over 200m2 - 2,00 euro/m2 + VAT
You can choose the list of services and materials used depending on your needs
Need to wash - 2 euro
Dandling with simple sand - 0,4 euro + PVN per m2
Dandling with special DANSAND sand + 3,5 euro per m2
Minor paving stone repair (removal of small waves and sinking) - from 50 euro
Thus, cleaning of paving stone and backfilling of joints will cost:
or 2,40 + PVN per m2
or 5,50 + PVN per m2 (Dansand)
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